Vanessa Monet

Vanessa Monet
Vanessa Monet Vanessa Monet started out in the porn industry by accident. She was in the mall with her cousin going for spins around when her first agent approached her and her cousin, telling them how attractive they were and if they have ever been in the adult business. Vanessa didn´t take it serious at the time but then she decided that she would like to move away from the Bay so she called him and he told her exactly what the deal was. Her agent told her that he would pay for her plane ticket to LA and that he would set her up with a room and take her to all sorts of different porn companies.

Her first scene was at a regular house and she was extremely nervous during it. She was disappointed at the start since nothing was going on and she wanted to leave but after she started drinking and did her first scene while she was drunk. She was extremely surprised with outcome, since she thought that she didn´t look drunk and that she did extremely well. She has worked with many pornstars including Vanessa Blue, Lexington Steel, Mr. Marcus and Jada Fire, who is her all time favorite.

Vanessa considers herself as bisexual but prefers guys more, although she has an infatuation with girls. In an interview she was asked if she masturbates to her own scenes or to any porn, she replied with “I don´t watch porn, but I´m always surfing around on the internet, and I´m always surfing different porn sites. And I´m like a tit fanatic, I like girls with like big tits. And I´ll come across a girl with great tits and a great page, and I´ll look at her the whole time I´m masturbating. In my head, she´s totally there looking at me.”
Рост: 5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm) Вес: 125 lbs (57 kg) Цвет волос: Темный Параметры: 34B-24-24 День рождения: 08 July, 1985 Количество видео: 28