Shay Sights

Shay Sights
Shay Sights Shay Sights (born 27th of March, 1973 in Vancouver, Canada) is a pornstar, known for being in some of the wildest and most hardcore group sex videos out there.

Being raised in snowy Canada, Shay was a huge fan of snow sports and has a real joy for skiiing. She was so into skiing that she would compete for some of the biggest tournaments in her town and she would win metals all the time. While growing up, she realized that she wasn´t a huge fan of the cold and she felt like doing some sort of indoor exercising and then she found her love for dancing. Shay started out doing feature dancing in Canada and she did some elaborate and gained a lot of attention from the guys. After some time Shay moved to L.A and in 1999, she started out in the adult industry. Shay was once spotted by Dyanna Lauren and Dyanna thought that Shay would be a perfect fit for one of her movies. Shay has been in thousands of erotic magazines and appears very often in Playboy TV. She was once married to the famous male pornstar Miles Long but they are currently divorced.

When Shay started off in the porn industry, she was extremely popular and all of the producers and directors had to have her in their movies. Shay was one of the most entertaining girls and had been in over 300 movies. Some of her most popular movies include Fem Aria, All Soaped Up, From Lust Til Dawn, Pure Lust, Mirror Image, The Healing Touch, Heavenly Bodies, Double Play, Acid Dreams, Nasty, Elements of Desire, Sex Illusions, The Goddess Code and lots more. Shay once stated in an interview that she loves pleasing people, both women and men alike and she always felt by doing porn that she gets the chance to please viewers from all around the globe. Shay and her close friend Renee LaRue created the adult company , Dragonfly Productions in 2003. She gained lots of experience while working with Wildlife and Nick Manning Productions. She won an award for her amazing performance in a teasing scene and she has been nominated twice for best group sex scene.


• 2002 AVN Award nominee – Best Group Sex Scene (Video) – X-Rated Auditions 3 (with eight others)
• 2004 AVN Award nominee – Best Tease Performance
• 2006 AVN Award nominee – Best Group Sex Scene (Film) – Eternity (with Lauren Kain and Randy Spears)
Рост: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) Вес: 121 lb (55 kg) Цвет волос: Коричневый Параметры: 36E (80E) День рождения: 27 March, 1973 Количество видео: 71