Sahara Knite

Sahara Knite
Sahara Knite Sahara Knite was born Saeeda Vorajee in Lancashire, England on February 4th, 1975. You may also know this stunning pornographic actress as Sahara Knight, Smara Knite, or Saeeda.

Before Knite entered the porn business in 2005 at the rather mature age of 30, she worked as a clothing technologist and as a textile manager for a small fashion company for a combined period of 11 years. She also did a spot of modeling during this time when she wasn’t swamped with her other duties. But after growing tired of this busy and stressful life, she decided to enter the adult film business which ended up changing her life in many ways.

Sahara’s overly religious and conservative parents are originally from Gujarat in India but they moved to London in the 60s before she was born. They are devout Muslims and therefore Sahara received a Muslim education, wearing hijab since she was five and paying regular visits to the mosque.

At first, she understandably kept her porn career a secret from her family as she knew they wouldn’t approve. Unfortunately for her, her cousin saw her on television while watching a very well known British adult channel called ‘Babestation’. In the end his wife informed her parents and since then she has been totally disowned by the majority of her family and sometimes even receiving death threats. In spite of this disownment and the shocking death threats, she still remains a Muslim that doesn’t drink, smoke or eat meat and she regularly reads the Quran.

She has since retired but nevertheless she has appeared in over 80 porn movies so there is still plenty chances to see this rare Muslim porn beauty in action on your screens.
Рост: 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m) Вес: 101 lbs (46 kg) Цвет волос: Коричневый Параметры: 32B-24-34 День рождения: 04 March, 1975 Количество видео: 51