Poppy Morgan

Poppy Morgan
Poppy Morgan Poppy Morgan is one of the most amazing brunette babe´s in the porn industry, not just for her gorgeous looks but also because of her wild sexual personality that you don´t see too often. She has always been a naughty girl and she had been watching porn movies since she was a teenager and would frequently masturbate the videos at least 3 times a day and she would also watch them with her boyfriends and would perform scenes as in the videos. Before getting into the porn industry she was a chef and she considers herself to be a very good cook.

While standing outside the restaurant she was working at, covered with fish goo all over her and smoking a cigarette, she was approached by a guy that thought she was absolutely beautiful even though she wasn´t look her most glamorous. He asked her if she ever considered being a glamour model and she didn´t believe that he was serious but he was and although not believing him, she still called the guy and it turned out to be more than just glamour modeling but adult porn. She started off by doing girl on girl stuff, since she was just getting started and wasn´t totally comfortable with it.

When asked with what her hobbies are in an interview, she replied by saying “I really enjoy going into very mainstream stores, such as Topshop, and trying on clothes with the curtains open, when I know people are watching. It turns me on when I can see guys looking, I flash way more skin than neccessary - I'll take off my knickers and everything even if I'm just trying on a top. It's very pervy”. She loves watching porn movies as well but she sometimes feels a little strange masturbating to the people in the movies, since she has worked with almost everybody in the industry.


2006 Euro eLine Award – Best Starlet 2006 Medien eLine Award – Best Actress – Internationa 2006 UK Adult Film and Television Awards – Best Female Actress Of The Year 2008 AVN Award for Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production, for a 10-person group scene in Furious Fuckers Final Race 2010 AVN Award – Best All-Girl Three-Way Sex Scene – The 8th Day
Рост: 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m) Вес: 105 lb (48 kg) Цвет волос: Коричневый Параметры: 34-24-32 День рождения: 17 February, 1983 Количество видео: 78