Lucy Love

Lucy Love
Lucy Love Lucy Love was born on July 27th, 1986 in Eszetrgom, Hungary. She is a Hungarian pornographic actress that has appeared in movies under different stage names so you may also know her as Lucie Bell, Lucy Lavena, Lucy B., Ute, Beatrix K., Lisa, Lucy Lovelle, Lucy, or Luci.

There are two countries in particular in Europe that seems to churn out a serious amount of porn year in year out via numerous quality porn productions. I'm not sure what they add to the water there but as a result of this they have been spoiling us with some of the sexiest porn starlets out there today.

These two countries that are dripping with gorgeous natural stunners are Hungary and the Czech Republic. Love happens to be one of these as she was born and raised in the former and she’s like all the rest of the European hotties that have joined the porn game before her, astonishing, astounding and amazingly hot!

Lucy grew up in the small town Eszetrgom just outside Budapest and had a pretty normal childhood. But, as she reached her late teens she was always looking for a way out of her small town and the small mindedness that is rife there and the fact that she knew she was hot helped so she decided to try and do some modeling.

After modeling for some time she eventually took the plunge into starring in explicit movies in 2005 and the rest as they say is history. She lit up her videos with an unbridled enthusiasm for anal, especially a good D.P.! To make matters even better, she was only a barely legal 19 years of age when she began! In her movies Lucy Love performs dirty gangbang scenes along with hot lesbian and solo masturbation sets where she shows her nice body all nude.

Рост: 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m) Вес: 110 lbs (50 kg) Цвет волос: Светлый Параметры: 36D-26-38 День рождения: 27 July, 1986 Количество видео: 83