Dora Venter

Dora Venter
Dora Venter Dora Venter is a Hungarian porn star, born October 1st 1976 in Northern Hungary, as Melinda Gal.

After she finished elementary school, she moved alone to another town to begin her medical studies. Was in this stage of her life, as a teenager, when she began exploring and discovering her erotic appetite. Sometimes she didn't paid too much attention to her studies to stay and play with herself. Still she managed to finish the school and moved to Budapest to start studying critical care nursing.

She worked as a nurse in the University and finally graduated as a Critical Cares Registered Nurse in 1998. After graduating her salary as a nurse wasn't good enough, so she had to try something different. Even though she lost her virginity aged 20, she always had a special sexual appetite that convinced her for trying, in 1999, porn acting. She went to an agency and began her acting career. Her first film was a few weeks after that and hasn't stopped since.

She has worked in many countries, like Sweden, Italy, France, Germany and Spain, shooting with different directors, being considered one of the best at Anal sex. From 2001-04 she worked with Catalan producer Conrad Son, with whom she has made several hardcore and softcore movies, being nominated two times for best supporting actress in the Barcelona Erotic Film Festival awards, losing with "Laura esta sola" and finally claiming the award in 2004 with "La memoria de los peces".

Nowadays she has returned to her nursing activity in Hungary since 2003, as she felt the need to keep doing what she loves, but still makes an occasional movie from time to time whenever she has the opportunity. Her friends know she has made over 120 movies, but as international porn isn't too popular in Hungary, her patients aren't aware of her porn star status.
Рост: 156cm (5ft 5in) Вес: 45 kg (99 lb) Цвет волос: Светлый Параметры: 84-59-83 cm (33-23-33 in) День рождения: 01 October, 1976 Количество видео: 103